Kate Spade: Making Construction Barricades Shoppable

Kate Spade is opening her newest boutique in New Jersey’s Short Hills Mall on October 24th. Most brands would use the under-construction space as a billboard and cover the wall with a glossy ad, but Kate Spade has decided to use this awkward “in between” time and make the most of it. She has decided to make the construction wall an interactive shopping experience with inset displays of her signature brightly colored merchandise and she also installed five salon style touch screens. These touch screens ask the shopper to take a quick quiz to find out your personality traits and shopping style, but also more important to Kate Spade and her brand, gain valuable data on her shoppers. The quiz prompts the shopper to enter their email and info following the quiz so that they can receive all their quiz answers and a signature Kate Spade logo sent to their email that they can post it on Facebook or other social media. Genius!

Based on their answers from the Kate Spade quiz, shoppers will then be shown a personalized gallery of Kate Spade items all shoppable with free next-day shipping. Her entire site is also shoppable from the screens as well. Kate Spade is planning to open 35 new stores by the end of the year, with more to come in 2015. We can’t wait to see what she thinks of next!