Burberry’s “What If Group”

Burberry is at it again! With both fashion and technology constantly evolving and improving, fashion brands are always trying to keep at the forefront. Burberry has founded a brainstorming group to do just that. Burberry’s “What If Group” was established in 2009 to help answer such questions as “what happens when we put technology into our clothing or chips into an accessory,” and since this founding we have seen great improvements.  In 2009 Burberry introduced it’s “Art of the Trench” campaign and microsite, and in 2013 they did put chips in their clothing. RFID chips, in fact, were installed into their pieces, enabling customers to take them into their fitting room and have product knowledge or videos about that specific item pop up on a screen in the room. They are now looking to wearable devices as their next inspiration. We will be very excited to see what Burberry will be showing us in the future and the future of fashion.