Luxury Labels Upping Their Digital Game


According to new research released this week by the digital direct marketing firm ContactLab, and Exane BNP Paribas, “luxury labels have improved the digital experience they offer to customers by eight percent in the last quarter of 2014.” Gucci ranked at the top of the luxury label class with the organizations’ digital customer experience score of 114, followed by Louis Vuitton with a score of 102; Tiffany with 100; Cartier with 99 and lastly, Ralph Lauren with 95. They also noted that “during the three-month period, seven of the 28 brands that were surveyed had refreshed their Web design, while five firms — Brunello Cucinelli, Cartier, Loro Piana, Michael Kors and Tod’s — introduced mobile sites.”

Most of the 28 brand that were researched have mobile sites, which is extremely important says ContactLab as most of the customers they studied opened emails via their phones versus computers. Burberry tops the e commerce study, “which looks at factors such as e-commerce geographical  reach, the languages on a Web site, and how many products are sold on a brand’s site.” Following Burberry, was Armani, Brunello Cucinelli, Balenciaga, Montcler and lastly Valentino.  The 28 luxury labels studied also continued to improve their e-commerce reach by 4 percent from September  to December of  2014  “This demonstrates a level of cautiousness still present in decisions made by senior management and…the complexity of implementing all aspects linked to e-commerce expansion at a global level,” the organizations said.

Massimo Fubini, chief executive officer and founder of ContactLab, which owns the Digital Competitive Map, says “email has proved to be the most suitable method for building a long-term relationship. Every purchasing experience, whether online or off-line, is a point of contact which must be taken advantage of in order to build the customer’s loyalty.”

Well there you have it, email continues to be the strongest form of reaching customers, while each in-store and out-of-store experience needs to still be perfection, as being omnichannel is the best way to up sales.