23 Jul 2013

70% of shoppers want retailers to help them decide what to buy in-store based on their online behavior

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Omnichannel is such a frequent buzzword among corporate strategists and executives that it’s easy to overlook a very simple and fundamental aspect of customer-based business: do shoppers actually want an omnichannel experience? Now, if you ask people this specific question (as we did with shoppers on the street in Bogota), these are the responses you […]

8 Jul 2013

Role reversal: brick and mortar stores as websites

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In the early days of e-commerce, retailers were scrambling to build websites that mimicked their retail stores so that customers would easily understand how a shopping website worked. So features we’re built and named like their real world counterparts: virtual “shopping carts”, shop by department, etc. We’ve been talking a lot here at CloudTags about […]

28 Jun 2013

Chief Digital Officer or company-wise digital culture?

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Over the past few years, the concept of the “CDO” or “Chief Digital Officer” has become a trend.  With such a large focus on digital-anything these days, having a C-level exec with “Digital” in his or her title seems quite logical. But it begs the question: “Is this the best long term solution?” eConsultancy thinks […]

15 May 2013

Omnichannel challenge of the week: free wifi in-store

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A trend in retail over the past few years has been to offer free wifi to customers while in the store. There are several elements here: benefit to the customer, benefit to the brand and potential benefits to competitors. I recently saw a humorous internet post of a store with a sign on the door […]

8 May 2013

Tablets tablets everywhere but where’s the personal touch?

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La Guardia airport’s Delta terminal is immersed in iPads. Practically everywhere you look, ten inch iPads are plated on counters and tables at every gate and corridor. Its an interesting experience. There’s no login or sign up. They just simply give you options to access certain functions like restricted web surfing, flight information or the ability […]