10 Sep 2014

Burberry pushes the fashion tech envelope

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Burberry is at the forefront of fashion technology and they want to prove it to you. They are the first fashion brand to partner with Twitter in testing out a new “buy” button feature enabling customers to buy right from a tweet. To actually make purchases available, Twitter has partnered with Stripe, Fancy, Musictoday and […]

1 Dec 2013

Don’t be a retailer, be an experience

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Countless surveys and studies tell us that showrooming is a real phenomenon. And yet, it still makes headlines that seem intent on “waking up” retailers to this ‘major threat’ to their livelihood. Problem is, none of these studies really talk about the underlying behavior of the shopper – the “why” behind showrooming. Why are customers […]

16 Nov 2013

‘Tis the season… for holiday shopping trend predictions

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It’s hard to miss that the holiday shopping season is in full swing. In fact, retailers have been brow-beating the general public with holiday ads and promotions so much already this year that it feels like Christmas should be next week.   Of course it’s painfully cliche to gawk at the idea that retailers keep […]

11 Sep 2013

What the new iPhone means for in-store retailing

You’ve probably already heard Apple’s announcement yesterday about the rollout of their newest iOS 7 operating system and new devices: the iPhone 5C and 5S. 5C is a plastic, slightly lower-end model, while the 5S, their new flagship, is faster and has updated camera functions and fingerprint detection built into the hardware. While everyone seems […]

1 Sep 2013

An interview with Office Depot’s Christine Buscarino on Omnichannel

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Christine Buscarino, VP Customer Experience, spends a few minutes with the CloudTags team discussing her vision for how Omnichannel is changing the way things are done at Office Depot.