13 Nov 2015

How In-Store Technology Saves Time for Shoppers

How In-Store Technology Saves Time for Shoppers

A shopper crosses the threshold into your retail store, takes out their phone or picks up your store tablet, pulls up your onsite inventory, and voila! She has an expedited mobile shopping experience. Instead of browsing without a clue until stumbling upon something interesting, that shopper has streamlined the process of going from point A […]

10 Jun 2015

Will Pinterest Ever be the Facebook of Retail Intent Data?

An area of focus within the realm of omnichannel has been extending our online experiences and platforms into the physical world. To merge Facebook, Amazon and Pinterest with the business of clicks and bricks it would take APIs, personal devices and cooperation with the gatekeepers of physical store retailers. It’s a worthy and lucrative goal […]

6 Dec 2013

#TBT Black Friday!

We’ve all come to expect it. The “Black Friday Buzz” that begins about a month before Thanksgiving. Tons of TV commercials, HUGE amounts of flyers, earth shattering deals…This day, of any day during the holiday shopping season, is your best chance to get the most bang for your buck.  While this shopping phenomenon has certainly […]

23 Oct 2013

The online/offline war becoming the omnichannel armistice

The media loves a good story about the online cowboys chasing the offline gorillas over the hills. Of course with as much fanfare as the media gives to the chase, we have to remember that broadly, less than 10% of retail sales are transacted online in comparison to in-store sales. We’ve seen a trend of more […]

21 Oct 2013

The Dewey Decimal System, Google and T-shirts … Oh my!

Let’s agree that 99% of people in the United States no longer think about or use the Dewey Decimal system on a daily basis. I know that as a kid in school, it was a key part of survival. But I’m unsure that it’s essential now with digitized content. It was a huge innovation it […]