10 Nov 2015

Accenture Outlook Report Highlights: How Brands Can Revive the Physical Store

Accenture Outlook Report Highlights: How Brands Can Revive the Physical Store

Last month, Accenture released its outlook report, Online but off track: Rescuing the in-store experience under the premise that despite the rise of digital, retailers can’t ignore the physical store. Instead, they need to “repurpose brick-and-mortar assets as a vital part of the seamless customer experience.” In recent years, many retailers have focused the core of […]

2 Sep 2015

How In-Store Remarketing Empowers Retailers’ Omnichannel Strategies

Online remarketing continues to be one of the best performing channels for retailers. That fact is only increasing, given that so many shoppers begin researching their next potential purchase on their mobile devices, before setting foot in a store. But the use of these same tactics applied once inside physical store and afterward, is still […]

6 Dec 2013

#TBT Black Friday!

We’ve all come to expect it. The “Black Friday Buzz” that begins about a month before Thanksgiving. Tons of TV commercials, HUGE amounts of flyers, earth shattering deals…This day, of any day during the holiday shopping season, is your best chance to get the most bang for your buck.  While this shopping phenomenon has certainly […]

23 Oct 2013

The online/offline war becoming the omnichannel armistice

The media loves a good story about the online cowboys chasing the offline gorillas over the hills. Of course with as much fanfare as the media gives to the chase, we have to remember that broadly, less than 10% of retail sales are transacted online in comparison to in-store sales. We’ve seen a trend of more […]

30 Sep 2013

Fact or fiction: is showrooming a major threat to in-store retail?

According to the May 2013 Pew Internet Project, 91% of American adults now own cell phones, with 55% considered to be smartphones.  Just two years ago, only 27% of American adults owned smartphones.  Alongside smartphone adoption, smartphone usage has also increased, with 41% of smartphone owners claiming to use their smartphones 2 or more hours per […]