Omnichannel experience in-store: less than 10% of retailers can make a personalized offer before check-out

Last month the Boston Retail Partners 2013 POS Benchmarking Survey was published with notable findings. 2013-03-14_22-37-46

As shown, an extremely small minority have the ability to interact with customer specific messaging and offers. The same is found when considering the data related to friends and family, primarily sourced from social.

Isn’t is curious that with an average conversion of 3% online, which represents less than 25% of sales, the amazing amount of innovation and creativity retailers pour into that space for personalization. And yet, when you leave your device and walk into a store where your average conversion rate is about 50% and represents upwards of 75% of sales, there is a respective lack of innovation in that experience, as shown by this data.

When will the innovation in the brick and mortar space match that of online? Is it possible that one day we’ll see more innovation where you can touch taste and smell in stores?