Why did we create CloudTags?

Shopping isn’t a difficult activity, right? Clerks in shops and servers in restaurants are all trained to make your experience better (ostensibly to sell you more of whatever they’re hawking or get a better tip, of course). And if you’d rather not spend the time to browse an isle, you can find millions of products online to be delivered to your doorstep overnight. We live in an age of unprecedented product convenience and availability.

But just because a thing isn’t broken, doesn’t mean it couldn’t be improved upon. Do you think people of the late 19th century felt that horse and carriage we’re a terrible a means of transportation? Probably not. What else could get them from town to town faster?

Then they saw an automobile.

You can probably see where this is going. And, no, the ghost of Henry Ford is not part of the CloudTags team, nor do we intend to change the world in quite the same way he did. But we do want to leave our world in a better place than we found it and we think there’s ample room to do that in connecting people’s online and offline experiences.

Rather than babble on, let me show you what I mean. Ask yourself if these experiences are the best they could be for the customer and for the retailer’s business: