Competition heats up in the race for omnichannel superiority

Around this time every year, we tend to see a major influx in retail-related press coverage in preparation for the upcoming holiday shopping season. One thing that makes this year’s coverage different from years past is the major focus on omnichannel retailing; providing a seamless consumer experience across all available shopping channels.

tesco-logo-201_460Major British retailer, Tesco, has been making quite a splash in the omnichannel space with 2 major announcements.  Tesco has just released an update that it’s preparing a trial for a new in-store mobile app, “MyStore,” that combines shopping lists with in-store navigation. I can say from personal experience there are plenty of times I’d love some guidance while trying to find my way around a 100,000 square foot supermarket.

In order to further demonstrate how seriously they are taking their new omnichannel initiatives, An-entrance-to-a-John-Lew-001Tesco also announced that they poached hired Karen Dracou, 5 year veteran and former head of omnichannel development at John Lewis.  In the announcement, Tesco CEO, Phillip Clarke wrote: “A lot of retailers claim it, but creating individually perfect shopping experiences, however a customer shops, is difficult to achieve. Becoming a multichannel leader is about more than just putting iPads in stores. It needs investment in new types of skills and now just in the IT department.”

In both his words and his actions, Clarke has demonstrated and understanding of what it really means to be a leader in the omnichannel space. Big screens and tablets are great, but they are not enough to deliver a truly customized shopping experience to every customer. That’s what our dream is at CloudTags, and from the looks of it, that’s Tesco’s dream too.