Introducing CloudTags

We built CloudTags as the first technology that allows customers to offer up their data upon arrival – wherever they are. Whether on a first visit to your website or the first time they walk through the door, you can know them. And that’s a good thing.  This allows brands to craft creative omnichannel experiences just for them based on what they like, how they like it, when they feel like it. As with our vision of customers carrying their own data across brands, we’ve built the platform on leading NFC marketing practices. The customers control their data, you allow them to share and in exchange you make their experience better, both online and offline.

We allow you receive over 1000 different data points depending on their settings specific to your brand. We’re the only company that allows your customers to share this with you to deepen your relationship by making their life better. We’ve developed our Preference Profiling (SM) algorithm that uses dynamic content and creative to tailor the experience for the customer. Based on the type of business you are, we lead the full creative, planning and implementation of your CloudTags experience. See our services for more information on these services. Implementation is easy and low cost as we create a custom series of NFC tags that can be installed in any location without electricity.

Putting our Preference Profiling algorithm to work, we offer a customized experience while increasing customer satisfaction and ROI.  We are compensated on results – satisfaction, growth and retention. The key to CloudTags and the philosophy is that whether your loyal to one brand or not,  you should be seen for your potential. That’s what using CloudTags in your business is all about: keeping loyal customers loyal while not overlooking the right investment in the best customers of tomorrow.