19 Aug 2015

What Is In-Store Remarketing?

In-Store Remarketing: Remarketing done online to customers who have walked into a physical store and not made a purchase. In online marketing, the fastest way to increase sales is through remarketing to shoppers who have considered products, but didn’t buy. Yet, for most retailers, online represents only 10% of their sales and 90% of all retail […]

11 Aug 2015

POV: Why Facebook Has An Opportunity to Own Omnichannel Marketing

Over the past month, we’ve been extensively covering customer identification in retail. As we look around the omnichannel landscape, retailers are having a hard time having a true omnichannel experience. While there are tons of technology companies that have specialized in creating solutions ranging from customer experience to point-of-sale, Facebook could disrupt the omnichannel space […]

5 Aug 2015

The Future of Customer Identification

In 2011, Harvard Business Review published an article titled “The Future of Shopping”.  The author detailed a theoretical shopping journey that took place in the future where every touch point had a personalized message that led the shopper to buy in exactly the way she wanted and expected.  Four years later, we can see a […]

28 Jul 2015

4 Retailers That Own Customer Identification

While we’ve done a comprehensive look at retailer customer identification over the past month, sometimes the easiest way to see how this is approached is to look at the retailers that are currently implementing these today.  For these purposes, companies who are deemed successful are ones who not only are able to gain the data, […]

23 Jul 2015

When Mobile Apps Are Not the Answer to Omnichannel Success

Marketers have been talking about the rapid rise of mobile and the fast growth among adoption and usage over the past half a decade. With this movement, the popularity of mobile apps has skyrocketed with retailers vying to get a place on a customers phone, with the home screen being the grand prize. Retailers see mobile […]