To NFC, or not to NFC? Is that really the question?

So there has been quite a bit of buzz lately about the validity of NFC. As with any new technology, you’ll hear every opinion from “It’s the hottest technology ever – this will change the world!!!” to “What a total waste of $100,000,000 in R&D.” However, in the omnichannel space, the arguments around various emerging technologies seem to be made in vain. A theory as vast as omnichannel, has never, and will never, be based around the use and implementation of any one technology. It’s bigger than that. Much bigger.

At CloudTags, we are resolutely “Swiss” in our stance on technology. Given the technology currently available, we believe that NFC is best option to create an interactive and immersive omnichannel retail experience. We’ve reviewed all technologies in the market, and while they each have distinct pros and cons, NFC seemed to be the clear winner in terms of engagement. A study by the Harvard Business Review comparing NFC & QR reports that “people were 12 times more likely to tap than snap. Considering that the ratio of QR to NFC-enabled phones is currently about 10 to 1, this means tapping was 120 times more engaging than snapping.”

850867-google-glass-einsteinEvery quarter, innovations will be brought to light that will improve, or even radically alter what’s considered to be the latest and greatest in close proximity/touch technology. Whether it’s GoogleGlass or iWatch, it’s clear that humans increasingly want technology to influence their perception of the world around them. Today it’s NFC, tomorrow it could be chips embedded in the skin beneath your fingertips or interactive display contact lenses. The specifics are yet unknown, which is why we’ve built CloudTags with enough fluidity to keep up with whatever technology Apple, Google or some alien race throws our way.