Lets go snoopin’

We open with a classic scenario: the good son trying to buy that special something for mom for Mother’s Day. We often find that the most dire need for accessing preferences is when you are buying for other people.

Some stores have online wish lists that you can access. The problem with the wish list is often it only contains a limited number of items. If someone lists five things and you pick one, then the element of true surprise and delight is diminished, since part of the art and fun of gift shopping is that it is an interpretation of the person’s desires. If you know them well, then you’ll be able to find the perfect gift. This is the stress and joy of gift giving. If you give someone what’s on their list, then its job done. You know they’ll like it. You did what you were supposed to do. Life goes on.

But to find them something that they weren’t expecting but truly cherish is much harder.

That’s a key benefit of accessing the preferences of friends and family instead of simply getting something on their wish list. If you know what someone’s size, shade, and brands then your likely to be successful.

We wanted to buy mom some makeup - a simple request. But women are unique, particularly when it comes to makeup preferences, so how would we know specifically what to buy? As we continue to see in these investigations, the sales associate at Boots was very helpful and friendly, but she didnt really have the tools and data on hand to help us, so her response wasn’t terribly helpful in this situation. Realizing that we don’t know much about the makeup style of this gift’s intended recipient, she goes the safe route and decides that mascara is a universally safe choice.

Safe - yes. Will that make mom happy - maybe not. In realizing this, she goes above and beyond and gives us some very wise advice - just go snoopin’! 

Its a brilliant demonstration of what lengths you have to go to in being a great gift giver. The advice is simple - sneak in and take some pictures of your friend’s things. That makes sense, but surely theres a better way!? If only moms (or anyone giving or receiveing gifts for that matter) had preference profiles! Help take the awkwardness out of gift giving without being so presumptuous as to make a detailed list.

…If any moms are reading this: if have ever received mascara as a gift from your child, perhaps its because you taught your child never to go snoopin’ - serves you right!