12 Jul 2013

Omnichannel: A solution to the burden of commercial real estate

With the memory of a crippling economic downturn still seared in their minds, retailers are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency and decrease cost, to be best prepared if the economy takes another turn for the worse. When demand dropped, oversized, overpriced and underused retail space became dead weight that had to be cut. […]

8 Jul 2013

Role reversal: brick and mortar stores as websites

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In the early days of e-commerce, retailers were scrambling to build websites that mimicked their retail stores so that customers would easily understand how a shopping website worked. So features we’re built and named like their real world counterparts: virtual “shopping carts”, shop by department, etc. We’ve been talking a lot here at CloudTags about […]

28 Jun 2013

Chief Digital Officer or company-wise digital culture?

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Over the past few years, the concept of the “CDO” or “Chief Digital Officer” has become a trend.  With such a large focus on digital-anything these days, having a C-level exec with “Digital” in his or her title seems quite logical. But it begs the question: “Is this the best long term solution?” eConsultancy thinks […]

25 Jun 2013

The Omnichannel Spectrum

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently thinking about what I’ve decided to call the “omnichannel spectrum”. The concept is simple. As a general rule, the creative investment brands make in the stages of the conversion funnel are inversely proportionate to the likelihood of conversion at that stage. Simply put, the further away an […]

14 Jun 2013

To NFC, or not to NFC? Is that really the question?

So there has been quite a bit of buzz lately about the validity of NFC. As with any new technology, you’ll hear every opinion from “It’s the hottest technology ever – this will change the world!!!” to “What a total waste of $100,000,000 in R&D.” However, in the omnichannel space, the arguments around various emerging technologies seem to be made […]