9 Oct 2015

Why The Store Associate Is The Best Remarketing Tool Retailers Aren’t Taking Advantage Of Today

Many retailers are saddled with under-utilizing store operations teams with associates that don’t go out of their way to enhance the shopping experience, and are focused on incentives that aren’t reflective of treating shoppers well. With store operations costs accounting for 5-25% of net sales, retailers need to evolve the role of the sales associate to […]

30 Sep 2015

How In-Store Data Collection Makes for a Better Shopping Experience

If there’s one key difference between online and in-store shopping, it’s the ability to collect intent data that gives retailers and edge to optimize future purchase behaviors. Retail marketers have been collecting online behavioural shopping data for well over a decade, but in-store behavioral data collection has proved to be perplexing. In the physical store, […]

2 Sep 2015

How In-Store Remarketing Empowers Retailers’ Omnichannel Strategies

Online remarketing continues to be one of the best performing channels for retailers. That fact is only increasing, given that so many shoppers begin researching their next potential purchase on their mobile devices, before setting foot in a store. But the use of these same tactics applied once inside physical store and afterward, is still […]

19 Aug 2015

What Is In-Store Remarketing?

In-Store Remarketing: Remarketing done online to customers who have walked into a physical store and not made a purchase. In online marketing, the fastest way to increase sales is through remarketing to shoppers who have considered products, but didn’t buy. Yet, for most retailers, online represents only 10% of their sales and 90% of all retail […]