15 Jul 2015

A Primer on Offline Customer Identification Tools

As retailers are struggling to find ways to implement technology that moves the needle on identifying customers in the store, there are many different opportunities for retailers to choose. While each tool will vary in value by retailer, we put together a comprehensive list of customer identification tools for omnichannel retailers to consider. Post-Purchase Identifying the […]

13 Jul 2015

4 Steps to Increase In-Store Customer Identification

As the retail industry moves towards the vision of a connected store, one of the biggest challenges for omnichannel marketers is how to understand who is walking into the store and where they are at in the purchase process. Online marketers have had the luxury of being able to identify customers and track them around […]

29 Jun 2015

3 Reasons Retailers Need to Focus on Customer Identification

The majority of customers who walk into a physical store are unknown digitally to the retailer (they don’t know their email address). Our data shows that on average, store retailers gathering email addresses from both purchasers and non-purchasers, are 85% unknown previously. The untapped opportunities to accelerate opt-in customer identification prior to purchase in the […]

25 Jun 2015

6 Types of Online Customer Identifiers

Just as information is easier to access on the web than it is to find in a book, customer data is much easier to track and analyze when it takes place online than when it does in-store.  This explains why most retailers will focus on identifying online customers more than offline customers; it is easy, […]

22 Jun 2015

Customer Identification: Past, Present, and Future

Any retailer can testify to the importance of knowing your customers and the potential lifetime value of each new shopper.  Customer identification has gone from remembering the faces that walk in your store to mannequins tracking and profiling these same faces. Identification tactics range in scales of effectiveness, cost, and creepiness.  What remains constant is […]