20 Apr 2016
1 Apr 2016

Why It’s So Attractive for E-commerce Brands to Open Retail Stores

When e-commerce giants like Warby Parker, Bonobos, ModCloth, and even Amazon begin to open brick and mortar locations, you know there must be something to it. It’s a trend we’ve seen gain great traction over the last five years. And for good reason! Despite a downturn for many traditional retailers who have either found themselves […]

29 Mar 2016

3 Reasons Why Less is More in Modern Retail

In the past, retail has been known for its sheer size both in square footage and inventory, but with digital channels growing in influence and capability, are giant brick & mortar stores with hundreds of products really necessary? The technology available to us today says no. As brick & mortar stores are evolving, retailers need […]

23 Mar 2016

How to Provide Personalization in the “Creep Factor” Era

Generally, data gathering is not a big issue for most consumers. We usually know it’s happening and 75% of us are perfectly fine with it as long as see a valuable return in exchange. In a recent Accenture survey, they found that 3 in 4 online shoppers prefer retailers that use personal information to improve […]

25 Feb 2016

Why Are We Hiding the Future of Retail?

Everyone knows what a search box is. It’s second nature to type in anything into that glowing, empty white space with an inviting blinking cursor. It provides so much value to people around the world that we freely give intent data in exchange for highly relevant information, with an enjoyable experience to boot. Now, imagine […]