25 Jun 2013

The Omnichannel Spectrum

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently thinking about what I’ve decided to call the “omnichannel spectrum”. The concept is simple. As a general rule, the creative investment brands make in the stages of the conversion funnel are inversely proportionate to the likelihood of conversion at that stage. Simply put, the further away an […]

17 Jun 2013


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Ryan wrote a great article yesterday on his thoughts about raising our acumen to focus on the bigger picture of what NFC means to the future of personalization (http://omnichannel.me/to-nfc-or-not-to-nfc-is-that-really-the-question/). He cited the future of interacting with the physical world with devices. As I speak with clients about CloudTags I often say that the Internet for […]

14 Jun 2013

To NFC, or not to NFC? Is that really the question?

So there has been quite a bit of buzz lately about the validity of NFC. As with any new technology, you’ll hear every opinion from “It’s the hottest technology ever – this will change the world!!!” to “What a total waste of $100,000,000 in R&D.” However, in the omnichannel space, the arguments around various emerging technologies seem to be made […]

5 Jun 2013

How (personalized) personal shopping could help you find the perfect pair of pants

How (personalized) personal shopping could help you find the perfect pair of pants

I’ll admit it; I’m your typical undiagnosed, brand-fixated, shopaholic. Nordstrom would classify my condition as a “Level 2.” I’m not sure what it took (cost) to get here, but all I know is that I’ve done enough damage to start receiving handwritten notes from the sales associates. There are several brands that I tend to […]

22 May 2013

Big data, and why context is king

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Big data, and why context is king

You’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king” at some point in the last 10 years. Its been used as the mantra for everything from TV programming to website building – and meant to remind those in marketing or advertising that what people want – what matters – is the content, the story, the words […]