1 Sep 2013

An interview with Office Depot’s Christine Buscarino on Omnichannel

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Christine Buscarino, VP Customer Experience, spends a few minutes with the CloudTags team discussing her vision for how Omnichannel is changing the way things are done at Office Depot.

25 Aug 2013

BREAKING NEWS: VC Partnership Aims to Expedite Radical Change to Life as We Know It

It seems like over a decade since we first started hearing about the way Google Glass and other wearables will change the world as we know it. Experts claim that wearable devices which enable us to digitally interact with the physical world “are the future,” but it’s easy to lose faith in such claims after […]

21 Aug 2013

Is the thermostat creepy?

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Is the thermostat creepy?

In this age of the internet of things, it seems every new device made today wants to connect to the internet and share data about our surrounding world. Which means that we will (and in many cases are) have more and more “recommendations” delivered to us and some of them are disturbing or even “creepy”. […]

18 Aug 2013

BI vs OI: Why bridging online and offline isn’t as far away is it may sound

Business Intelligence (BI), especially related to Big Data is a process of identifying interesting and actionable structure in historical data.  I discussed the importance of context in my earlier post “Big Data and Why Context is King” and real-time data is a way to infer the context of the situation.  Operational Intelligence (OI) deals with […]

5 Aug 2013

Smart Watches: a 118 year old dream

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Smart Watches: a 118 year old dream

Believe it or not, in 1895 Swiss watchmaker built a watch that could verbally tell you the time based on Edison’s relatively recent innovation of the phonograph. From: http://paleofuture.gizmodo.com/talking-watches-of-1895-512625744 “Mr Sivan, a watchmaker of Geneva, appears to have succeeded in giving this temporary power of speech to an ordinary pocket-watch. It contains a phonograph disc […]