7 Mar 2013

Omnichannel role model: magical Macy’s

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Rowland Hussey Macy would be proud to know that the dry goods store he started in 1843 is a clear leader for omnichannel retailing today. It was announced this week that Internet sales for the quarter were up a formidable 48%. Macy’s attributes much of this to a multi-year omnichannel plan that they put into […]

5 Mar 2013

The omnichannel future: pay phone to preference kiosk

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This is an interesting concept to redevelop the role and use of the traditional phone booth in New York City, where there are still over 11,412 pay phones in place today. Here in London, there are over 15,000 of the iconic K6 pay phones originally designed in 1935. Evolving these into modern day kiosks is […]

1 Mar 2013

Define it or gain weight

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Its time to get serious about all the time I spend in the gym – I need a nutritional edge. We’d stopped in a GNC before for protein powders and wanted to see how the experience differed when not in a specialty health supplement shop. This visit was done at Boots, which is more of […]

28 Feb 2013

Omnichannel challenge of the week: Facebook Nearby

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Facebook Nearby has gotten a bit under-publicized due to the overwhelming anticipation and reaction to Facebook Graph Search. But for brands that have brick and mortar stores, this is something of note that will affect your omnichannel business in a very real way. Local search via mobile devices is a mainstream method of creating foot […]

24 Feb 2013

Lets go snoopin’

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We open with a classic scenario: the good son trying to buy that special something for mom for Mother’s Day. We often find that the most dire need for accessing preferences is when you are buying for other people. Some stores have online wish lists that you can access. The problem with the wish list […]