Highlights from the Decoded NYC Fashion Summit

Posted by on Nov 5, 2015 in Events, Innovation, Retail

CloudTags was at the Decoded Fashion Summit in New York City last week. As a member of the Bytes & Bricks Experience, we got to showcase our technology in front of the top fashion marketers in the world and came back impressed with the quality of the speakers and attendees.

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Here are the top highlights from the conference. What was your favorite experience at Decoded Fashion NYC this year? Let us know on Twitter @cloudtags.

Quote of the conference:

For a brand to have longevity, you have to put the brand first. Revenue will follow.” – Grant Barths, Chief Merchandising Officer of Levi’s Strauss

1. Mobile experiences are powerful tools for awareness outside of the physical store

Whether it is a mobile app or a mobile web experience, the majority of a customers time will be spent outside of a retail store. How a brand provides that experience is completely within their control. Building off of Grant Barths’ quote above, it is in the best interest to emphasize the brand experience and not go for the sale in the early stage of the customer buying cycle. According to Matthew Woosley, EVP at Barney’s New York, more people check Barney’s on their mobile phone today than go in their retail stores all week.

2. Trust is imperative to Millennials & Gen Z

With Millennial’s taking center stage as the “it” generation to be marketed to, not much has been discussed around “Gen Z,” the post-Millennial generation. They are much more focused on trust and have grown up in the social media age. Fashion brands need to be smart on how they market to this generation, as their influence is not automatically associated with big name brands, but rather smaller scale influencers on different social networks.

3. Beacons are the path to both customer and store associate engagement

Throughout the conference, much was talked about in-store technology and how it is used today. One of the top in-store technologies being used today are beacons and how they can improve the customer experience, while able to collect more data on the shoppers in the store. Whether the beacons trigger promotional offers or brand experiences within the store, there are many different opportunities fashion retailers can take advantage of today.