Connected Store Spotlight: IKEA Toronto Pop-up Experience

Posted by on Jun 6, 2016 in Breaking News, Connected Store, Spotlight

For two weeks last month, IKEA Canada launched a food-themed pop-up experience in downtown Toronto. The pop-up aimed to lead shoppers through a “culinary journey to challenge how they look at food and entice them to break with conventional food rules in a way that is healthy, affordable and fun,” according to a statement from IKEA Canada.

With food samplings, learning sessions, a gigantic interactive recipe book, and green displays designed to inspire growing food at home, the campaign falls in line with the brand’s efforts to expand its digital and e-commerce initiatives.

“The Ikea Pop-up Experience is part of a 360-degree campaign which supports the Ikea global theme of ‘It Starts With The Food,’ which is built off the insight that food unites us,” says Lauren MacDonald, country deputy marketing manager, Ikea Canada.

The pop-up offered about 50 food- and kitchen–related items, but instead of a bag or basket, shoppers were given an RFID-enabled wooden spoon with which to shop. Shoppers were able to tap the magic spoon on shelf sensors to add it to their digital cart.

At checkout, customers use their spoon to pull their order up on a digital screen. There, they can confirm their order, opt-in to receive IKEA emails, and make their purchase with a credit or debit card (no cash transactions). Products were then retrieved from a store room and delivered to the customer immediately.

The experience also employed IKEA’s new virtual reality app. Shoppers could enter a display kitchen area where they would use Google Cardboard VR viewers to show other kitchen sets and designs. This helps extends the aisle so that shoppers can see more products than what’s on hand in the pop-up in a interactive and engaging way.

We love pop-ups, especially digitally-enhanced ones, and this is an excellent example of a Connected Store as we envision it. We look forward to seeing this experience expand and evolve!