Connected Store Spotlight: Bucketfeet

Posted by on Jul 20, 2016 in Connected Store, Omnichannel, Spotlight

Bucketfeet is an artist-designed footwear company based in Chicago that sells direct-to-consumer online and in its three studios in Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C. The brand works with more than 20,000 artists from 100 different countries who work in every medium from painting to photography, and that network continues to grow as its open call for artwork is ongoing.

Bucketfeet has raised over $16 million in funding and has sold more than 500,000 pairs of shoes since launching in 2011.


The brand’s studios and e-commerce site focus on sharing the stories behind each artist and their work. Some products, like artist prints and cards, are only sold in-store and the studios often host workshops, artists showcases, and other events that further their mission to connect people through art. The retailer has been working with Kapow to plan events that increase awareness and boost sales in its stores.

Bucketfeet also uses RetailNext’s technology in each of their studios to make sure their in-store analytics are as robust as what they track online.

“Since we started as an e-commerce brand, we are used to having a lot of data at our hands and making decisions that way so we are really excited to use RetailNext in our studios to use more data behind our decisions,” Laura Suh, Director of Studios at BucketFeet, told RetailNext.

Bucketfeet Studios are streamlined and well-lit with beautiful artistry filling the shelves. The brand is an excellent example of what Bonobos’ CEO Andy Dunn calls a DNVB, in which storytelling, branding, and customer experience are key. While still a burgeoning brand, Bucketfeet seems to be making smart moves and looking good in the process.