18 Aug 2013

BI vs OI: Why bridging online and offline isn’t as far away is it may sound

Business Intelligence (BI), especially related to Big Data is a process of identifying interesting and actionable structure in historical data.  I discussed the importance of context in my earlier post “Big Data and Why Context is King” and real-time data is a way to infer the context of the situation.  Operational Intelligence (OI) deals with […]

5 Aug 2013

Smart Watches: a 118 year old dream

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Smart Watches: a 118 year old dream

Believe it or not, in 1895 Swiss watchmaker built a watch that could verbally tell you the time based on Edison’s relatively recent innovation of the phonograph. From: http://paleofuture.gizmodo.com/talking-watches-of-1895-512625744 “Mr Sivan, a watchmaker of Geneva, appears to have succeeded in giving this temporary power of speech to an ordinary pocket-watch. It contains a phonograph disc […]

24 Jul 2013

CloudTags: A New Chapter

Last week, I joined the CloudTags team as its Head of Innovation.  Before joining, I took a 3-month sabbatical following my departure from the Advanced Analytics team at 360i. During my sabbatical, several new job opportunities became available to me, leading many friends and family members to ask, “Why CloudTags?” I was initially drawn to […]

12 Jul 2013

Omnichannel: A solution to the burden of commercial real estate

With the memory of a crippling economic downturn still seared in their minds, retailers are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency and decrease cost, to be best prepared if the economy takes another turn for the worse. When demand dropped, oversized, overpriced and underused retail space became dead weight that had to be cut. […]

25 Jun 2013

The Omnichannel Spectrum

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently thinking about what I’ve decided to call the “omnichannel spectrum”. The concept is simple. As a general rule, the creative investment brands make in the stages of the conversion funnel are inversely proportionate to the likelihood of conversion at that stage. Simply put, the further away an […]