21 Oct 2013

The Dewey Decimal System, Google and T-shirts … Oh my!

Let’s agree that 99% of people in the United States no longer think about or use the Dewey Decimal system on a daily basis. I know that as a kid in school, it was a key part of survival. But I’m unsure that it’s essential now with digitized content. It was a huge innovation it […]

30 Sep 2013

Fact or fiction: is showrooming a major threat to in-store retail?

According to the May 2013 Pew Internet Project, 91% of American adults now own cell phones, with 55% considered to be smartphones.  Just two years ago, only 27% of American adults owned smartphones.  Alongside smartphone adoption, smartphone usage has also increased, with 41% of smartphone owners claiming to use their smartphones 2 or more hours per […]

17 Sep 2013

Follow the light… Paypal Beacon & iBeacon can help navigate retail aisles but not spotlight individual products

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I remember the first time I used GPS on a phone. It was nothing short of life changing. We laugh now about the time before everyone could simply type any address and follow the dot to your destination. Its hard to remember the days when you’d write down directions and tell someone to meet you […]

25 Aug 2013

BREAKING NEWS: VC Partnership Aims to Expedite Radical Change to Life as We Know It

It seems like over a decade since we first started hearing about the way Google Glass and other wearables will change the world as we know it. Experts claim that wearable devices which enable us to digitally interact with the physical world “are the future,” but it’s easy to lose faith in such claims after […]

21 Aug 2013

Is the thermostat creepy?

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Is the thermostat creepy?

In this age of the internet of things, it seems every new device made today wants to connect to the internet and share data about our surrounding world. Which means that we will (and in many cases are) have more and more “recommendations” delivered to us and some of them are disturbing or even “creepy”. […]