22 Feb 2013

Tablets: the new secret weapon

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On a recent stroll down the high street in London we had a typical problem. We’d been on the website, saw a picture frame that we liked and now that we’re opportunistically outside that store, we decide to stop in and find it. But we can’t remember a lot of the particulars and don’t see […]

20 Feb 2013

NFC will change the way we think of offline advertising

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Saturday in London I walked past a bus stop and saw the NFC tap symbol. As you can see, its integrated into the framing of the bus stop. There was also a QR scanning function. I used my Samsung Galaxy phone and by doing nothing other than unlocking it, I tapped. I heard the fun […]

5 Feb 2013

Introducing CloudTags

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We built CloudTags as the first technology that allows customers to offer up their data upon arrival – wherever they are. Whether on a first visit to your website or the first time they walk through the door, you can know them. And that’s a good thing.  This allows brands to craft creative omnichannel experiences […]